First Presby Weekly News November 15, 2015

//First Presby Weekly News November 15, 2015

First Presby Weekly News November 15, 2015

Sunday Worship at 10:30 a.m.


Sympathy of the Congregation is extended to:

  • The family of Marcelle Bowne on her death, November 5.
  • Vannessa McClure (CE Secretary) on the death of her aunt, Nancy Campbell, November 5.
  • Ruffner Alexander and family on the death of his brother, William (Bill) on November 10.

Next Week’s Sermon  will be given  by Bill McCoy.

National Donor Sabbath Day is being celebrated today. Over 123,000 people are on the waiting list for a life-changing­—and often life-saving—organ transplant. We want to raise the awareness for the need of increased donor registration in the United States. Fact sheets are available on the easel near the church office for your convenience. Each fact sheet has a “Uniform Anatomical Gift Card” on the flip side, if you would like to register as a donor through the state’s online registry.

THE LAY ACADEMY meets today, 5:30-7 p.m., in Room 201, Activities Building.  Sky Kershner, Kanawha Pastoral Counseling Center, will lead the discussion on The New Cosmology and our need for stronger human relations. What do we learn from Dr. Ilea Delio about our scientific knowledge of us human beings that helps us to lower our stress and increase our love for ourselves and for one another? Everyone is invited to join us to discuss how we may work together with love for better health and peace in our families, neighborhoods, and all across our planet. Jesus calls us to love our neighbor as ourself, but what if we have trouble loving ourselves?  We spend lots of time, effort, and money on ourselves, but do we truly love ourselves?  Why is human suicide a growing reality, especially among adolescents?   Dr. Delio’s book, Making All Things New, challenges us to love God arising out of all our mind, as well as our heart and soul. Come and bring a friend or neighbor.  

Passing the Peace:  As cold and flu season approaches, please be aware that friends with depressed immune systems may welcome a greeting of a warm smile, a pat on the shoulder, etc., rather than a hand-shake. Please be attentive as you share the loving hospitality of Christ’s peace with each other.

WV Ministry of Advocacy & Workcamps (WVMAW): The next work day is November 21. Teams will be helping with home repairs in the St. Albans area. All levels of skill are needed. Contact Sue Webster for additional information and sign up.

RCCR Beans and Cornbread Dinner: Support the Religious Coalition for Community Renewal and their housing Ministries.  Dinner will be held at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church on Thursday, November 19, at 6 p.m. Tickets are $60 each and are 90% tax deductible for this fundraiser.

Giving Tree: We are continuing with our Giving Tree.  This months’ item is mittens.  The Giving Tree items go towards helping the children in Ayacucho, Peru.  Please use the envelope in today’s bulletin for monetary donations.

Youth Group: Today will be the last regularly scheduled Youth Group Meeting for the month of November.  We will meet from 6-8 p.m. in the Dining Room. Watch  the December Newsletter for Activity Schedule.

Food Pantry Needs:  Canned Fruit & Canned Vegetables

Thanksgiving Offering:  Next Sunday, November 22, our church has an opportunity to give to a special Thanksgiving Offering to benefit Davis-Stuart, Inc., which is a Presbyterian Therapeutic Residential  Center for Adolescents based in Lewisburg, WV.  This special offering supports the Chaplaincy Program offered at Davis-Stuart. Many youth who reside at Davis-Stuart have never been involved in spiritual teachings. The Chaplaincy Program seeks to promote an awareness of our heritage of the Christian faith and the necessary knowledge which makes Christian choices and decision possible. Please give generously to this critically  needed program.

Share The Good News of Hope Village: Hope village is an outreach ministry of our church that for so many years has brought beautiful items from artisans around the world into our church building.  100% of the proceeds of these wonderful items brings help to each artisan.  The organizations represented in Hope Village work in the trenches to bring an end to human trafficking and slavery, educate children, provide medical treatment, and help the artisans provide the things for their family that each of us want to provide for our own – food, clean water, and safety. PLEASE help to spread the word of Hope village on your social media accounts by sharing  Your help WILL help to save and better lives

Equal Exchange Project: Linda Elliott is preparing individual or corporate gift baskets for the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Equal Exchange has 100% organic fairly traded products including 14 flavors of drip/whole bean and K Cup coffees in various sizes (regular and decaf), 12 flavors of chocolate bars (two for diabetics), 15 flavors of teas (regular and decaf), honey, strawberry jam, orange marmalade, nuts, raisins, trail mix and 3 kinds of cocoa.  Your selected items will be placed in a nice basket, wrapped in cellophane and topped off with a beautiful bow. The Presbyterian Coffee Project is a 15 year old on-going mission.  Sales guarantee small farmers around the world a fair price for their products and is indeed a life line for the farmer and family. The project is thankful for your patronage over the years.  You can reach Linda at 304-344-2075 or email:

Bad Weather Policies for Church Activities: If Kanawha County Schools are closed due to weather, all meetings and activities in the church are cancelled. If public schools close early due to weather, all meetings and activities in the church are cancelled for that evening.  Please do not come out if it puts you at risk for injury. Worship Services will always be held!


Church Family Style  Dinner, November 18

Please make reservations by 4:00 p.m. Monday.

Please complete the form below or contact the church office (304-343-8961) for reservations.

(Those registered for LOGOS have a standing reservation and do not need to call.)

THEME: World Peace

 Hosts:   Deacons and Covenant Sunday School Class

Return the tear-off portion below for your supper reservation.

Wednesday Supper – November 18, 2015– 6:00 p.m.

First-time visitor, be our guest—no charge!


______Adults              _______Children 3 through 12         _______Children 2 and under


Adult/$6; Child 12-under/$3; Child under 3 is free

Menu: Mini Meatloaves, Peas, Mashed Potatoes, Rolls, Fruit Dessert

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