Homebound Ministry 2022-10-06T14:21:40-04:00

Our homebound members, anyone unable to attend worship and other church activities for whatever reason, are important to First Presby. We care about you and want everyone to be connected in a meaningful way to the life of our congregation. Our Board of Deacons and our Pastoral Staff provide oversight of this vital ministry.

Every member is assigned to a Deacon who will routinely contact members of his/her parish several times a year. Each time Holy Communion is celebrated by our congregation, our Deacons arrange to take Communion to our homebound upon their request. Also, upon request, our church office will mail weekly bulletins to our homebound so that you may join us in worship each Sunday morning on WCHS radio at 11:00. If you would like a hymnbook to sing along with us, we will provide that as well. To request any of these ministries, please call the church office at (304)343-8961.

Our Head of Staff, Pastor Bill Myers, will be glad to make a pastoral call at your request.

We have an ongoing Prayer List at First Presby that our Church Staff and Deacons receive weekly. If you are hospitalized, have an illness, or for any reason would like to be place on our Prayer List, please let us know by contacting the church office.