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As you enter First Presbyterian Church you may want to ask people “Why are you here?” Some might say, “I come here to be part of a caring community.” Others might answer, “I’ve been coming to church ever since I was a child. I miss it when I’m not here.” Those who are newer to the church might say, “I come because of the sermon/music/prayer/liturgy.”

These answers are centered on the needs, habits, or expectations of individual worshipers. But as Presbyterians we believe Christian worship is all about GOD. As you browse through the pages of our website, you will see all we do is for the love of God, through loving our neighbor as He commanded.*

*adapted from Presbyterians Today, Sept. 2010.

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What is a Matthew 25 church?

Matthew 25:31–46 calls all of us to actively engage in the world around
us, so our faith comes alive and we wake up to new possibilities.
Convicted by this passage, both the 222nd and 223rd General Assemblies
(2016 and 2018) exhorted the PC(USA) to act boldly and compassionately
to see our neighbors through Jesus’ eyes and serve those who are
marginalized or in need — people who are hungry, thirsty, naked, sick,
imprisoned, strangers, poor or oppressed in other ways and in need
of welcoming.

*adapted from Matthew 25 Brochure, Sept. 2021.