First Presby Weekly News November 22, 2015

//First Presby Weekly News November 22, 2015

First Presby Weekly News November 22, 2015

Sunday Worship at 10:30 a.m.


Sympathy of Congregation is extended to Kelly Pearcy-Mott on the death of her father, John Robert Mott, on October 26, in Huntington.

 Next Week Bill McCoy begins the Advent Series of Sermons, “The One Story. . . . . . .”

Thanksgiving Offering: Today our church has an opportunity to give to a special Thanksgiving Offering to benefit Davis-Stuart, Inc., which is a Presbyterian Therapeutic Residential  Center for Adolescents based in Lewisburg, WV. This special offering supports the Chaplaincy Program offered at Davis-Stuart. Many youth who reside at Davis-Stuart have never been involved in spiritual teachings. The Chaplaincy Program seeks to promote an awareness of our heritage of the Christian faith and the necessary knowledge which makes Christian choices and decision possible. Please give generously to this critically  needed program.

Our Minute for Mission today is a message of “Thanks” from the founders of the non-profit organization I Love Nice People.  I Love Nice People was created by two friends who believe that if people encounter the phrase “I Love Nice People” in their everyday lives, the act of being nice will subconsciously become engrained.  This message is encapsulated on T-shirts that are available for sale in Hope Village and on-line.  The front of the shirt reads:  I Love Nice People, the back of the shirt reads: Spreading Happiness Through The Simple Act of Being Nice. All proceeds from the sale of ILNP shirts are distributed to Daymark, Inc. in Charleston, WV, and The Gethsemane Learning Center in Peru.  Being nice is the longest lasting impression you can make on this world.  We love nice people.  Let’s make this world a better place through the existence of genuinely nice people. Every human has the ability to be nice. Nice people should not be but just a few. With Love . . .  Morgan Kreiger & Kate Webster,

Fun & Fellowship Fridays: Join us for an evening of Holiday Movie Magic on December 4 at 6:30 p.m. in the Bud Francis Recreation Room. Snacks and refreshments will be provided. Bring the family and a friend!

Passing the Peace:  As cold and flu season approaches, please be aware that friends with depressed immune systems may welcome a greeting of a warm smile, a pat on the shoulder, etc., rather than a hand-shake. Please be attentive as you share the loving hospitality of Christ’s peace with each other.

Hope Village is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and after worship on Sundays through December 19. You will find items from many countries in the Village and the artisans receive a fair and just wage for their work.

The Lay Academy meets today in Room A201 in the Activities Building from 5:30 p.m.-7 p.m.  Dr. Timothy Spears will present a report and analysis of his recent pilgrimage to the island nation of Cuba.  He will discuss past and present historical realities in this island nation resplendent with Hispanic culture, but with Marxism claiming supremacy.  What is the significance of Pope Francis’ recent visit? Why has President Obama reopened diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba?  Everyone is welcome to come and learn from this world traveler and explore our current Lay Academy theme of study: “How Can We Help our Great Lord God to Make All Things New?” For more information, please call the Church Office (304) 343-8961.

 Food Pantry Needs:  Stuffing Mix and Instant Potatoes

Communion will be celebrated next Sunday, November 29, on the first Sunday of Advent.

 Thanks to Our Child Care Volunteers today in our nursery, toddler and preschool rooms. All child care rooms are equipped with live video feeds of the worship service. Do you love children and babies? Call the church office,304-343-8961, to volunteer in this special ministry.

Act of Faith: We are reminded that all we have comes from God.  Please remember to name the First Presbyterian Church as a beneficiary of your will, your retirement plan or of a life insurance policy in order that we may carry out God’s wishes and continue his work in our community and in the world.

 Have you used one of our listening devices in worship this year? We are missing four of them and they cost $109 each to replace. Please check your cars, pockets, purses or other places one may be hiding. Thank you.

 Youth: No official meetings either this week or next, but keep your eye on texts and email to know if we are doing something like bowling or a movie. We will meet again officially starting on December 6.

Equal Exchange Project: Linda Elliott is preparing individual or corporate gift baskets for the  holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Equal Exchange has 100% organic fairly traded products including 14 flavors of drip/whole bean and K Cup coffees in various sizes (regular and decaf), 12 flavors of chocolate bars (two for diabetics), 15 flavors of teas (regular and decaf), honey, strawberry jam, orange marmalade, nuts, raisins, trail mix and 3 kinds of cocoa.  Your selected items will be placed in a nice basket, wrapped in cellophane and topped off with a beautiful bow. The Presbyterian Coffee Project is a 15 year old on-going mission.  Sales guarantee small farmers around the world a fair price for their products and is indeed a life line for the farmer and family. The project is thankful for your patronage over the years.  You can reach Linda at 304-344-2075 or email:

The Preschool Program has a new view master that is 3D…it’s pretty cool.  It requires a cell phone (not one that has a service plan…just the phone and a charger).  If you have any one of these phones lying around the house…one that you are no longer using, we would love to have it so that the view master will have what it needs to work. You can leave your phone and charger in the church office.

 Cents-Ability Offering is received next Sunday: “To allow the hungry to remain hungry would be blasphemy against God and one’s neighbor, for what is nearest to God is precisely the need of one’s neighbor.  It is for the love of Christ, which belongs as much to the hungry as to myself, that I share my bread with them.  To provide the hungry with bread is to prepare the way for the coming of grace.”  Dietrich Bonhoeffer    Please give generously to the Cents-Ability Offering.

 No Church Family Style Dinner This Week



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