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What we believe:

  We believe that nothing is more important than an abundant life-giving relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We also believe that everyone is a child of God and should be treated with the love, respect, and dignity that are found in Jesus’ great commandment to us.

Our key practices are:

   Christian Relationships: A strong scriptural based understanding of who God is in our lives, the nature of our personal relationship with God, and the resulting impact on our relationships with others because of God’s presence in our lives.

   Balanced Ministry: A requirement that ministry addresses and engages the mind, soul, and body in a disciple-making process that teaches and provides an opportunity to practice faith.

   Process of Call: A scriptural-directed approach for aligning personal gifts and efforts with the needs of a ministry or mission that results from God’s purpose and plan.

   What we do:

   The LOGOS ministry is composed of four important elements:

   Family Time: Over a shared, cross-generational meal, a joyous celebration of being the family of God is had.

   Recreation/Play: Fun activities that include everyone!

  Worship Skills: As disciples, worship is our primary service. Worship skill development includes music, both choral and instrumental.

   Bible Time: During this time, our goal is to creatively nurture ours and our children’s intelligence, obedience, and discipleship

     As a church community program, many are called to serve God with their knowledge, skills, hands, and love. Parents commit to helping, but other  members throughout the church and of various ages are crucial to the program’s success. We have a wonderful group of volunteers ready to help nurture your child’s faith.

LOGOS is on a summer hiatus but will return on September 13, 2023!

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