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Who are deacons?

• A deacon is an ordained officer in the Presbyterian Church.

• In conjunction with the pastors, the Board of Deacons oversees the care and
compassion ministries at First Presby.

• First Presby is divided into 36 geographical parishes (areas) with 15-20
families in each parish.

A deacon is assigned to each parish.

If you are a member of our church, you are in a parish and have a deacon.
What do deacons do?

• To help keep you connected to our church family, your deacon will contact
you by letter, email, or phone several times a year just to check in with you.

• Also, you may contact your deacon should you have a crisis, loss, or
hospitalization and would like the prayers and support of your church family.

• For those who are home-bound, we especially want you to have a vital
connection with your First Presby family.
Our deacons will provide Holy Communion to you in your home when we
celebrate the Lord’s Supper at First Presby.

If you join us in worship on radio station WCHS on Sunday mornings at
11:00 and would like a Sunday worship bulletin and a hymnal so you can
participate with us, we will provide those for you, as well. Just let your
deacon know, and he/she will arrange a time for Holy Communion and/or
see that you receive a hymnal and are mailed a bulletin each week.

How may I contact my deacon?

Simply call the church office at (304) 343-8961 and ask our church
secretary for contact information for your deacon.