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First Presbyterian Church

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Adult Church Nursery Worker

Responsibility and Accountability: 

The adult Church Nursery Worker will be responsible for caring for children, ages 6 months to 3 years old, in the church nursery during Sunday School and church, 9:30 until 12 noon on Sundays.  The Worker will be accountable to the Interim Director of Christian Education.


-To always be on time and a reliable employee.

-With an adult volunteer provide age-appropriate care for children, including diaper changing, comforting, holding or rocking, reading stories and play.

-Ensure that all children are signed- in with name of child, name and cell phone number of the adult or grandparent.

-Stay with children until all have been picked up by an appropriate adult (parent or grandparent).

-In the event of an emergency, notify the appropriate adult and the Director or Associate Pastor by cell phone.

-If requested, wear a mask while working for COVID protection.

-Be polite, courteous and friendly.

-Straighten the nursery and clean any toys, books, etc. that have been used before leaving the nursery.

-Provide at least one week’s notice to the Christian Education Committee if you cannot attend the nursery on a given Sunday.


-Satisfactory adult (over 18) experience in caring for young children.

-Fully vaccinated for COVID, including current boosters.

-Satisfactory completion of background check and drug screen.

-Satisfactory references.

-Complete the Child Safety Training provided by the church.

Terms of Employment:

The Church Nursery Worker will be a part-time position that pays $45 per Sunday to be paid monthly. This is an at-will employment and will require an evaluation by the Director or Associate Pastor Christian Education (or Christian Education Chair) after a 30-day probationary period.

If interested, contact the church office (304-344-8961) or apply on Indeed.com.