There are eight wonderful classes to choose from.  Please use the provided contacts to learn more about any or all of these groups. You will find that you are most welcome to visit. We hope you will feel right at home.  Note: All class topics are subject to change.

Something New for Adults on Sunday Mornings

Drop in for a morning coffee and meaningful discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. This opportunity is for everyone, especially those who may not be able to attend Sunday School every Sunday, but would like to join others for a meaningful faith-related discussion when they can. Come to Room 203 in the Activities Building. Occasionally Bill McCoy or Jim Roberts will be present to reflect and dig deeper with you in a “talk-back” session on the previous Sunday’s sermon.  Contact person: Jim Roberts, 304-343-8961 ext. 118.

Koinonia Class

Room 403, Education Building-  We enjoy our busy lives, our grandchildren, and a variety of topics with which we apply Biblical truths to our lives.  Through local and regional building projects, we stay involved with our community and state. For current information, please contact Karen Scherr, 304-346-7852.

Discovery Class

Discovery seeks to bridge the life of work and family responsibilities with the need for spiritual growth. Join us and learn more about God, our church and our community. Different topics are explored each week. For current information, please contact one of the following class leaders: Lute Cabalquinto,, Beth and Rick Vorhees, 304-344-5547, Paul & Raymona Kinneberg, 304-342-1430, Dave and Lorie Nolan, 304-345-6656. Below is our schedule for the remainder of the semester.

  • March 13, Doug Chambers, Godly Play
  • March 20, Mary McCoy
  • April 3-10, John Nesius, Genesis 1-11
  • April 17, Kim Stilwell, Champions for Children
  • May 1-8, Rick Vorhees, Soul Keeping
  • May 15-22 Dave Nolan

Rainbow Class

The Rainbow Class welcomes adults throughout the Charleston community who are mentally challenged. If you know of someone who could benefit from this class, please contact one of the leaders listed below. The teachers seek to guide individuals along their faith journey to the best of their personal abilities through basic Christian stories. Class activities and fellowship times are held throughout the year. Class contacts: Jean O’Connor, 304-346-4047, and Susan Herold, 304-342-0860.

Sojourners Class

Room 411, Education Building-We are a diverse group of couples and singles with a wide range of interests. In addition to Sunday School and socials, we maintain a special ministry to Smith Street Station, a subsidized apartment house for low-income residents. Class Contact: George Keller, 304-744-3152.

Covenant Class

Room 406, Education Building, will continue to study the New Testament in depth, verse by verse. All are welcome. Class contact: Ruffner Alexander, 304-344-4361.

The Class

Room 201, Activities Building, Everyone is welcome! We enjoy class discussions and social activities. Class contact: Bonnie Brothers, 304-342-8034 or Below is our spring schedule.

  • February 28-March 13, Alice Abernethy, Believing in God
  • March 20, Palm Sunday Brunch
  • April 3-24, Otis O’Connor, Parables of Jesus
  • May 1, Sky Kershner, Consultations with other Faiths
  • May 15, Class Planing and Officer Election

Trinity-Ruffner Bible Class

Susie Early Room, Sanctuary Building-You are most welcome to attend along with a group of dedicated older folks who study the Bible. We are concerned about applying the Christian faith to everyday life. Won’t you join us? Class Contact: Jim Roberts, 304-343-8961 ext. 118. Below is our schedule for this spring.

  • March 6, Otis O’Connor
  • March 13, 20 and April 3, Suzanne Meyer
  • April 10-May 15, Kay Lamb, Hazardous Saints