First Presby’s Weekly News June 11, 2017

//First Presby’s Weekly News June 11, 2017

First Presby’s Weekly News June 11, 2017


Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.

Worship is broadcast at 11:00 a.m. on WCHS-580AM


 Welcome to Susan Hooper who joined First Presbyterian Church last Sunday.

Sympathy of the Congregation is extended to Virginia Slicer and family, on the death of her father, Thomas W. White on May 26.

Next Week’s Sermon will be given by Bob Newman.

Many Ways to Support our Ministries: In addition to traditional cash and checks in the offering plate, you can give on our website via your computer or smart phone, through our mobile app “Church Life” (you must first set up a user profile on our website to use the Church Life app.) or by texting 73256 and typing “firstpresby” in the message line. Use the QR code card in your pew rack to go directly to our giving page. God loves a Cheerful Giver.

Welcome: This morning we welcome the Family Choir to worship leadership. On Family Choir Sundays, we meet in the Choir Room at 9:30 a.m. to prepare the anthem for the day. We’re a different choir each time, determined by the people who are in town each Sunday we sing. Your next opportunities to sing in the Family Choir will be June 25, July 9, and July 16, so mark your calendars and plan to join us.  All ages are welcome.

Our Parish Nurses will be providing blood pressure checks in the Cablish Room following worship today. This ministry is available to everyone.

Barefoot Sunday is Today!  Your offering of new shoes, gently used shoes and financial donations will be received during our offertory. Your shoe gift allows us as a church family to be the hands and feet of Christ in a world in need of compassion. Your offering of shoes will enable Free Your Footwear, a ministry of Bridge Ministry located in South Charleston, to provide shoes to our local community as well as send shoes to their partner ministries in Africa and Columbia. If you came to church barefoot today – walk in the knowledge and be mindful of the fact that millions of people worldwide have no shoes or only poorly fitting shoes to wear. Receiving a gift of shoes is a way to signify importance and a feeling of being loved.

Hot Dog Sunday: Today, Barefoot Sunday, after worship you are invited to join Fellowship and Recreation and Mission in the Dining Room for our annual Hot Dog Sunday Lunch.

This Week’s Food Pantry Needs: Spaghetti (1 lb box) & Spaghetti Sauce


300 Sandwiches made and delivered to Manna Meal:  Last Sunday our Elementary Age children and parent helpers made and delivered 300 delicious and nutritious sandwiches to manna Meal. These sandwiches feed the community at Manna Meal and are taken to shut-ins or those living in tent housing. The funding to make this wonderful outreach ministry happen comes from your donations to the PaneraBread ministry. Every Sunday morning, a First Presby volunteer picks up the Panera Bread items, sets up and displays the items, and is available to help you with your delivious selections. In addition to sandwich making, your Panera Bread donations fund food purchases for the Covenant House Food Pantry and financially support other hunger relief programs in our valley. It takes many people working together to make the Panera Bread and Manna Meal Sandwich making ministries of our church happen. If you are interested in volunteering with these or any other mission outreach ministries of our church, please contact Sue Webster.

The Preschool Program is now accepting applications for preschool and kindergarten teachers.  An early elementary degree and/or experience in a kindergarten classroom is desired. Call, text or email information to the Preschool office 304-419-3071 or send information to EOE

 More About the Music:  Below is an excerpt from “Glory to God: A Companion” about the this morning’s opening hymn, “From the Rising of the Sun”:  “This text is primarily formed from the three slightly adapted quotations of Psalm 113:3, joined by the opening and closing phrase of the psalm.  That phrase is “Hallelujah” in Hebrew, and it is a distinguishing characteristic of a group of six Psalms that it introduces. Psalms 113-118 are known in Jewish tradition as the “Hallel.”  “Hallel” means “praise,” as in the Hebrew phrase “Hallelu-yah” (Praise the Lord).  Scholars assume that the Synoptic reports of Jesus and the disciples singing “a hymn” after the Last Supper refer to the singing of the “Hallel.” For more tidbits about our music and hymn texts, visit a church copy of “Glory to God: A Companion” by Reverend Carl P. Daw, Jr. M.A., M.Div., Ph.D in our church library, or look through the copy on the piano at the front of the sanctuary after worship.

Please Pray for the FPC Lyres Club as we minister in music to the residents of Charleston Gardens this Tuesday evening, June 13.  Gig Sheet 104 has been e-mailed to all harp players.

 Lay Academy: The word “Poetry” comes from the Greek word POIEW which means to create.  This is the word used in the Septuagint (Greek version of the Old Testament) in Genesis 1 to describe God’s work when He creates all of the universe. When we speak and/or write poetry, we are creating, following God’s example. What do we create? The answer is “Reality, the truth about who we are, how we feel, and what we want in our lives for a better world, more in tune with God’s hopes and intensions for His creation.” Here is an example of how Poetry begins:  A Mother hoovers over her infant who cries with pain. Filled with love for this little one, her creation, she searches for sound, words, music, to sooth, comfort, heal her suffering offspring. She sings a lullaby, welcoming the sounds/words her heart and soul give her to share. She is also praying at the same time, joining the two of them together with the Spirit of their creator as she strives to create the love, comfort, healing her Savior promises to her. Everyone is welcome to come join our Summer Poetry Club which will meet weekly starting June 21, to explore Poetry, both original, and collected from other sources.  For more information, contact the Church Office, 304-343-8961.

Tasty Tuesday – Summer 2017!  During the summer months, members of First Presby serve dinner to those who may be hungry in our community. Our first Tasty Tuesday for this summer is scheduled for June 20. This is a multi-generational event and all congregation members are encouraged to get involved by way of preparing or purchasing food, serving, cleanup, or just by coming to enjoy dinner and fellowship with our brothers and sister of the community. This is a wonderful evening of fellowship, food, and fun! Spaghetti dinner is our menu for this first event.  You can sign up to help outside the church office after worship today. ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Presbyterian Coffee Project: Coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolates, raisins, and nuts continue to be available for purchase after worship and the week-days during church business hours.

Thanks to Our Child Care Volunteers today in our nursery, toddler and preschool rooms. All child care rooms are equipped with live video feeds of the worship service. Do you love children and babies? Call the church office, 304-343-8961, to volunteer in this special ministry.

Act of Faith: We are reminded that all we have comes from God.  Please remember to name the First Presbyterian Church as a beneficiary of your will, your retirement plan or of a life insurance policy in order that we may carry out God’s wishes and continue his work in our community and in the world.


                                    This Week at First Presbyterian

Sunday, 6/11

  Barefoot/Hot Dog Sunday

  Blood Pressure Check

   9:15  Covenant Class

Sojourners Class

9:30  Family Choir Warm-up

10:30 Worship

11:45 Lunch in Dining Room

2:00  Vacation Bible School-Coonskin

 Monday, 6/12

8:30  Aerobics

9:00 Preschool Camp

Art Camp

5:30  First Presby Walkers

 Tuesday, 6/13

  9:00 Preschool Camp

Art Camp

Wednesday, 6/14

8:00  Wednesday Work Crew

8:30   Aerobics

9:00   Preschool Camp

9:00   Art Camp

11:45  Men’s Lunch Group-Bistro

Thursday, 6/15

7:30  Shoney’s Group, Downtown

9:00   Preschool Camp

Art Camp

Friday, 6/16

8:30  Aerobics

9:00   Preschool Camp

5:30   Live on Levee Tailgate











Upcoming Events and Opportunities




Tasty Tuesday: During the summer we choose a Tuesday to prepare and serve a free community meal to all who stop by. This summer Tasty Tuesdays are: June 20, July 18 and August 15.


Mission Work Days: Friday, June 9, and Saturday, June 10, our congregation-wide Community Mission Weekend will focus on the home of a Veteran who has given back to others for many years. We will work under the direction of the organization West Invest to refurbish a home on Garrison Avenue on the West Side.


All Church Breakfasts & Lunches:  Meet a friend-share a meal. Alternating months, you are invited to the Dining Room for either a Sunday breakfast or lunch.  June 11, Lunch; July 16, Breakfast; August 20, Lunch.


Art Camps

Three different Weeks

Week 1 Ages 4 years to grade 5   June 12-June 15

Week 2 Youth, grades 6-12     June 26-June 29

Week 3 Adults      July 17-July 20

All camps have a $20 supply fee due at registration.



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