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The Worship Team for youth and adults rehearses on Wednesday evenings in the sanctuary. Rehearsal begins at 7:00, 7:30, or 8:00 p.m. depending on the schedule of other church events on Wednesday evenings. We lead congregational songs during Sunday morning worship throughout the year.

The Worship Team consists of singers and instrumentalists, including guitar, mandolin, bass, and occasionally light percussion. We lead songs in folk, bluegrass, gospel, Taize, contemporary Christian, and other styles that are not well-accompanied by organ. We are very versatile!

The Worship Team consists of fairly experienced instrumentalists and singers, but we are always learning and open to new members with different gifts. We devote the end of every rehearsal to prayer concerns, both spoken and unspoken, forming a small community within the larger church. Music brings us together, but the Holy Spirit holds us together.

To offer your gifts as part of the Worship Team, contact Pastor Bill McCoy or Mary Odin or come to a rehearsal on a Wednesday night to see us in action!