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The FPC String Ensemble is a multigenerational group of violinists, violists, and cellists who offer their bowing gifts to God in worship several times a year. There is no minimum or maximum age requirement; parts are custom-written for a wide variety of skill levels, so players need only minimal experience to participate.

As soon as you decide you want to play in the next musical offering of the FPC String Ensemble, email Mary Odin at modin@firstpresby.com. She will ask you what sort of music you play and will assign or write a part that you’ll be able to learn successfully. You’ll receive a copy of the music via email, and you’ll also receive a recording of the whole piece and your individual part to help you practice.

After a few weeks of individual practice, the group will rehearse three times together. Rehearsals generally take place during the two weeks prior to the worship services in which we play. We poll the group to determine the best time to practice, which have generally been two Saturday mornings and one weekday evening. Because everyone has prepared in advance, our rehearsals last no more than an hour.

The FPC String Ensemble currently includes adults who haven’t played since childhood, WV Youth Symphony members, WV All-State Orchestra players, at least one fiddler, and some younger students who have played their instruments for less than a year. There’s a part for you, so grab your instrument and your bow and come join us!

Email Mary Odin at modin@firstpresby.com