The FPC Lyres Club 2017-11-02T10:18:05-04:00

The FPC Lyres Club for youth and adults rehearses on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the Ruffner Room. We play 26-string lap harps with sharping levers on F, C, and B strings. Instruments are available on a rent-to-own arrangement through the church. Other than the cost of instruments, there is no tuition fee for the program.

Most of the music we play is custom-arranged for us by our fearless leader, Mary Odin. We give musical offerings in worship throughout the year. During the summer, we go on the road, holding our rehearsals at nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, and hospice facilities throughout the state.

Lyres Club members include several people who play other instruments and many others who play only the harp. Some of us are fluent music readers, some are learning to read, and some prefer to play from lead sheets. All of our music is written to include everyone. There’s no pressure–really!

The FPC Lyres Club devotes the end of every rehearsal to prayer concerns, both spoken and unspoken. We play and pray together, forming a small community within the larger church. Music brings us together, but the Holy Spirit holds us together.

To join the Lyres Club, contact Mary Odin or come to the Ruffner Room on a Tuesday night to watch us in action.