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Scatter to Serve Workday, Fall Edition

First Presby’s Mission Division is excited to announce the second Scatter to Serve Workday is scheduled to take place on the afternoon of Sunday, October 14! The plan is to come to Worship in our work clothes, have a lunch together in the Dining Room and then scatter to serve. Your response to the first Scatter to Serve Workday was INCREDIBLE, and we expect the second one to be even better! Thanks to your feedback, there will be a specific activity for our youth. They will help prepare and serve dinner at Trinity’s Table that day. There will also be a project to accommodate those who are unable or would prefer not to partake in physically demanding tasks. More details on upcoming projects will be available soon. Signups will begin in the hallway after worship each Sunday leading up to the 14th. Everyone is encouraged to sign up! The more people we have, the more projects we can do.