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Lay Academy presents:

How to Make Stress Work for You

An 18-week lecture course by Dr. Kimberlee Bethany Bonura featuring panel presentations by Charleston community leaders

October 7, 2018-April 14, 2019

Sunday evenings from 4:00-5:30 in the Dining Room

Come learn how to balance every form of stress in your life!

For more information, contact Dr. Bob Newman at 304-345-0225 or the 
church office at 304-343-8961. 

Course Schedule:

Fall Series:

10/7/18 Lecture #1: “A New Mindset about Stress”

10/14/18  Lecture #2: “Happiness: A Fickle Queen”

10/21/18 Lecture #3: “Anger: A Tyrannical King”

10/28/18 Lecture #4: “Swimming in an Ocean of Sorrow”

11/4/18 Lecture #5: “Why You Stress: Arousal and Value Judgment”

11/11/18 Lecture #6: “Choose Your Adventure: Choose Your Stress”

11/12/18-1/12/19 Break for Reading Assignments/Advent & Christmastide

Winter Series:

1/13/19 Lecture #7: “Heaven and Hell Can Be Other People”

1/20/19 Lecture #8: “Our Overstressed, Overscheduled Kids”

1/27/19 Lecture #9: “Change Your Mind to Change Your Stress”

2/3/19 Lecture #10: “Emergency Stress Management”

2/10/19 Lecture #11: “Good Stress helps You Handle All Stress”

2/17/19 Lecture #12: “The Stress of Learning and Mastery”

2/18/19-3/9/19 Break for Reading Assignments, Lent & Eastertide

Spring Series:

3/10/19 Lecture #13: “Alternative Approaches to Stress”

3/17/19 Lecture #14: “Mindfulness: Heart Healing to Manage Stress”

3/24/19 Lecture #15: “Channeling Stress for a Competitive Edge”

3/31/19 Lecture #16: “Emerging Stress Management Technology”

4/7/19 Lecture #17: “Rest, Recover, Restore Your Resilience”

4/14/19 Lecture #18: “Learning from Your Stress”