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Champions For Children

First Presbyterian’s Champions for Children ministry is a vital outreach of our church, providing us with the opportunity to care for orphans and at-risk children both locally and globally.

Local Opportunities to care for children in need

First Presbyterian Church has a long standing relationship with the West Virginia Children’s Home Society. There are several programs that individual members and Sunday School Classes are involved with that strive to bring hope and healing to the children residing at the WVCHS.

Programs through the Children’s Home Society

Life Book Fund: This fund provides new kids in foster care with a way to start to record their life histories through pictures. This provides a sense of permanency and belonging in their shattered lives. Funding provides a disposable camera, a photo album, and a coupon for developing.

Special Occasion Fund: Children in shelter care typically stay two weeks to three months, and sometimes even longer. This fund makes it possible to help kids who may have a need during the time that they are in the shelter. Some of these needs include prom, dances, birthday cakes, gift cards for birthdays, and spending money for field trips.

Emergency Clothing Fund: Many children arrive at CHS with only the clothes on their backs. Each child only receives $200 per year in a clothing allowance, which is not available to them until they have been in shelter care for two weeks. This fund provides clothing for the children to wear in the time before they receive their clothing allowances.

Global Opportunities to care for children in need:

First Presbyterian Church partners with two wonderful organisations that enable us to sponsor children in Africa and Peru. Sponsorships provide educational opportunities, basic medial and emergency care, regular nutritious meals, as well as opportunities to share the love of Christ with children who are in desperate need of hope and love.

Africa– Through Bethany Christian Services, individual families and Sunday School classes sponsor children in various countries in Africa.

Peru– Through VisionTrust, individuals sponsor children at the Gethsemane Learning Center in Ayacucho, Peru.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]