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Director of Mission and Community Ministry

Job Description

Responsibility: The Director of Mission and Community Ministry shall involve the congregation in areas of hunger, homelessness and mission throughout the community, the state and globally.

Relationships and Accountabilities: This position is accountable to the Session, the Mission Division and the Pastor and serves as a member of the Program Leadership Staff.

Major Duties/Responsibilities:


-Serve as the staff representative to the Mission Division and attend weekly staff meetings.

-Teach adult, youth, and child Church School classes in community ministry as needed.

-Take part in leading worship services as requested by the pastor.

-Work in concert with the Program Leadership Staff to provide a mission component across their respective program offerings.

-Become aware of current members’ involvement in community ministry, including service on community boards and agencies and act as a liaison, resource person, and support for members engaged in community ministry.

Assist the Mission Division:

-Plan an effective ministry to the community, involving the maximum number of members possible.

-Discover unmet needs in the community, and interpret and publicize those needs and ministries to the congregation.

-Recruit and train church members for mission projects.

-Coordinate special offerings and assist in identifying designated benevolences for people-to-people missions.

-Interpret and promote special organizations and causes as approved by the Session.

-Plan, implement and review the all mission division events.

-Prepare the annual mission budget and serve as a resource for discovering available funds for ministry projects.

-Plan and help execute local, domestic and global mission trips.


-Assist community agencies, as requested, in recruiting church members to serve on community boards and agencies.

-Maintain liaison with the director of Covenant House Food Pantry.

-Maintain regular communication with Presbytery of WV regarding mission projects.

-Consider evangelism in carrying out mission projects.

Terms of Employment: The position of Director of Mission and Community Ministry is a full-time exempt position.  This job description as outlined above does not state or imply that these are the only responsibilities.  Upon the direction of the Session, Mission Division and/or the Senior Pastor, these responsibilities are subject to change. Please send resumes to nancy@firstpresby.com.



Cook/Kitchen Manager

    Job Description

 Responsibility: To manage dining facilities at First Presbyterian Church, and to plan purchase and prepare meals, receptions and other events at the direction of the Leadership Staff.

Relationship and Accountabilities: This position reports to the Business Administrator for daily operations and to the Pastor and Fellowship and Recreation Division for policy decisions. The cook/hostess works closely with the Director of Child/Family Ministry for the LOGOS program and the Presbyterian Women for monthly luncheons.

Major Duties:

-Provide the congregation and guests with nutritious, appetizing food at a reasonable cost through sound menu-planning and judicious purchasing.

-Maintain sufficient inventory of supplies and equipment for church fellowship functions.

-Create a pleasant work atmosphere to incorporate the services of church volunteers and staff in meal preparation and service when applicable.

-Provide coffee carts for church functions when requested.

-Maintain the cleanliness and functioning of the kitchen and dining facilities to meet federal, state, and local regulations as applicable.

-Report any needed maintenance of the facility or equipment to the Property Manager and the Business Administrator.

-Submit all purchase invoices/packing lists weekly to the Financial Secretary for verification and/or payment.

-Submit expense reports monthly for reimbursement of personal expenses such as mileage.

-Maintain work time cards for payroll.

-Act as authorized employee for Sam’s Wholesale membership account.

-Secure the property of First Presbyterian Church by following procedures for facility lock-up, cash-box management, and other means as directed by the Property Manager and/or Business Administrator.

-Attend meetings as directed by the Business Administrator and/or the Pastor.

Terms of Employment:  This is a part-time non-exempt position, paid at an hourly rate, working on an “as needed” basis. During the school year weekly Wednesday dinners, and two monthly Thursday luncheons are regularly scheduled. Other events occur throughout the year. Occasional weekend work may be required. This job description does not state or imply that these are the only responsibilities. Upon the direction of the session, the Business Administrator and/or the Pastor, these responsibilities are subject to change. Please send resumes to nancy@firstpresby.com.