First Presby’s Weekly News July 30, 2017

//First Presby’s Weekly News July 30, 2017

First Presby’s Weekly News July 30, 2017


Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.

Worship is broadcast at 11:00 a.m. on WCHS-580AM


 Sympathy of the Congregation is extended to the family of Rebecca (Becky) Smith who died on July 21. Memorial Service, Saturday, August 5 at 11 a.m. in the Sanctuary.

 This Week’s Sermon is “The Gospel in Every Nook and Cranny” by Bob Newman. Gospel Lesson is: Matthew 13:31-33,44-58.

Next Week’s Sermon  will be given by Bill McCoy.

Lives that are hurting don’t stop in the summer. Here at First Presby we continue to provide meals to the hungry, work on a disabled veteran’s home, provide counseling opportunities for those whose lives are racked by addiction, divorce, depression. AND nourish all souls with weekly worship of Jesus Christ. Who makes this possible? You do. Our ministry required $60,000 in June, but only received $36,000 in gifts from all of our membership. Our lives our busy, we travel, but our devotion as disciples is constant. What we are called to do, we do; and we believe what we need will be provided. You can be a part of ministry year-round, even when you are not in the pew, by setting up a monthly recurring gift directly from your bank account or credit card. Go to and click on “Giving,” or call the office for help in setting it up. While they can’t do in person, the 59 people a day, every-day, who receive food for their family from the pantry here will thank you.

Military Information: If you have a loved one who is currently serving in any branch of the Armed Forces, we would love to honor them and pray for them. Please send the following information to Name, rank, branch of military, where they are stationed, and a photo (in uniform if possible). This information will be placed on our Military Bulletin Board which is located in the hallway by the elevator, as well as on our prayer list.

Open Date for Flowers. If you would like to place flowers in the Sanctuary in memory or honor of a loved one, Sunday, August 6, is an open date. Please call 304-343-8961.

Sojourners Sunday School sessions have ended for the summer. Class will resume on Rally Day, Sunday, September 10.

Poetry Sharing Sessions continue on Wednesdays, from 5:30-7:00 p.m., in Room 203 in the Activities Building. Bring your own poems to read, or bring your other favorite ones to read.  Relax with refreshments and  make new friends. Let your individuality flow through the tip of your pen, as the river flows into the ocean.  Let your heart pour out as the rain storms of summer. Let your mind grow as the flowers, evolving through their phases. Let your soul soar as the eagle through the sky.  Free and open to the public.  Bring a friend or neighbor.  For more information, please call the Church Office, 304-343-8961.


 This Week’s Food F Pantry Needs: Canned Meats such as Tuna, Chicken, Salmon

Did you Enjoy Singing or listening to the offerings of the Family Choir this summer?  Maybe it’s time to pray and ask the Lord if this is your year to become part of the Geneva Choir.  Music literacy and perfect attendance are not required, but a sense of humor is certainly helpful.  There’s room for singers of all voice types and levels of experience.  Rehearsals will begin on Thursday, September 7 at 7:30 p.m. in the Choir Room.

Please Pray for the FPC Lyres Club as we minister in music to the residents of Quarry Manor this Tuesday evening, August 1.  Next Sunday, August 6, your harp players will travel to Huntington to play for worship at Highlawn Presbyterian Church in the morning and at Hospice of Huntington in the afternoon. Gig Sheets 109-111 have been or will be emailed to all harp players.

More About the Music: Below is an excerpt from “Glory to God: A Companion” about this Sunday’s opening hymn, “There is a Redeemer”:  “In 1977, Melody Green wrote the first two stanzas and refrain of this hymn. Using the music she had also composed, she sang them to her husband, who heard them enthusiastically but suggested that the hymn needed a third stanza. The stanzas differ in their orientation (which is further evidence of being written by different people). The first and second provide a review of the many terms used to refer to Jesus Christ. The third is an expression of individual faith. By contrast, the refrain is a prayer addressed to God with reference to all three Persons of the Trinity.” For more tidbits about our music and hymn texts, visit a church copy of “Glory to God: A Companion” by Reverend Carl P. Daw, Jr. M.A., M.Div., Ph.D in our church library, or look through the copy on the piano at the front of the sanctuary after worship.

Traveling this Summer? Take a First Presby “Greeting Card” with you to drop into the offering plate of the church you visit on vacation. You will find these wallet-size blue cards inside the Friendship Pads, and on the “Bulletin” bulletin board in the hallway. Then bring home a worship bulletin, leave it in the church office (be sure to include your name!), and we’ll “map” you on the bulletin board in the hallway. Soon we’ll be connected through worship to brothers and sisters all over the world!

Many Ways to Support our Ministries: In addition to traditional cash and checks in the offering plate, you can give on our website via your computer or smart phone, through our mobile app “Church Life” (you must first set up a user profile on our website to use the Church Life app.) or by texting 73256 and typing “firstpresby” in the message line. Use the QR code card in your pew rack to go directly to our giving page. God loves a Cheerful Giver.

 Manna Meal Sandwich Making: The Elementary School Children and adult helpers will meet in the dining room next Sunday, August 6, to make 300 sandwiches and, along with fruit, deliver to Manna Meal.

Live on the Levee:  Friday, August 4 at 5:30 p.m. Fellowship and Recreation are hosting a cookout in the parking lot. We will have games, hot dogs, snacks, desserts and cold drinks. Please join us on your way to Live on the Levee. We will have a final cookout on August 18.

West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry (“WVIRM”) is an organization of volunteers from many faith communities in Charleston WV, whose mission is striving to improve the lives of refugees.  In preparation of two families that will come to Charleston in November, volunteers are needed to teach English as a second language to incoming refugees.  An ESL training course is being offered on August 18th and 19th (Friday evening and all day Saturday). It is free and sponsored by the Literacy Volunteers of Kanawha County. The training will be at the YWCA “Angel Place” which is behind Piedmont Elementary.  It covers Culture Shock, Language Learning, Vocabulary, Dialogues, Listening, Pronunciation, Grammar, Reading, Writing, and Lesson Planning.  If you are interested in this opportunity to provide help and hope to arriving refugees, please contact Sue Webster.

                                    This Week at First Presbyterian

  Sunday, July 30

   9:15 Covenant Class

10:30  Worship

11:30  Ruffner Room Refreshments

11:45 Service of Healing

Monday, July 31

8:30   Aerobics

9:00   Preschool Camp

5:30  First Presby Walkers

 Tuesday, August 1

  9:00  Preschool Camp

  9:30  Bible Study Group

Wednesday, August 2

8:00  Wednesday Work Crew

8:30  Aerobics

9:00   Preschool Camp

5:30   Poetry Club

7:00   Worship Music Team

Thursday, August 3

7:30  Shoney’s Group, Downtown

9:00   Preschool Camp

10:00 PW Coordinating Council

Friday, August 4

7:00  Men’s Group

8:30  Aerobics

9:00   Preschool Camp

5:00   Live on the Levee Tailgate

Saturday, August 5

 11:00  Memorial Service-Becky Smith

August Scripture Lectionary Readings


Tuesday, August 1

Mark 6:30-46

Wednesday, August 2

Mark 6:47-56

Thursday, August 3

Mark 7:1-23

Friday, August 4

Mark 7:24-37

Saturday, August 5

Mark 8:1-10

Sunday, August 6

John 1:43-51

Monday, August 7


Tuesday, August 8

Mark 8:22-33

Wednesday, August 9

Mark 8:34-9:1

Thursday, August 10

Mark 9:2-13

Friday, August 11

Mark 9:14-29

Saturday, August 12

Mark 9:30-41

Sunday, August 13

John 3:22-36

Monday, August 14

Mark 9:42-50

Tuesday, August 15

Mark 10:1-16

Wednesday, August 16

Mark 10:17-31

Thursday, August 17

Mark 10:32-45

Friday, August 18

Mark 10:46-52

Saturday, August 19

Mark 11:1-11

Sunday, August 20

John 5:30-47

Monday, August 21

Mark 11:12-26

Tuesday, August 22

Mark 11:27-12:12

Wednesday, August 23

Mark 12: 13-27

Thursday, August 24

Mark 112:28-34

Friday, August 25

Mark 12:35-44

Saturday, August 26

Mark 13:1-13

Sunday, August 27

John 8:12-20

Monday, August 28

Mark 13:14-27

Tuesday, August 29

Mark 13:28-37

Wednesday, August 30

Mark 14:1-11

Thursday, August 31



AUGUST, 2017       

 Sunday, August 6 Manna Meal Sandwich Making

Worship-Communion Served

Tuesday- August 15-Tasty Tuesday

Sunday, August 20-Lunch & Sundae Sunday after Worship

Youth Group Begins at 5 p.m.

Wednesday, August 23– LOGOS and Fellowship Dinners Begin

Sunday, August 27-Cents-Ability Offering

Wednesday, August 30- LOGOS and Fellowship Dinner


 Monday, September 4- Labor Day—Church Offices Closed

Tuesday, September 5-Christian Education Committee

Wednesday,September 6- LOGOS and Fellowship Dinner

Property, Personnel, Worship and Deacons Meetings

 Thursday, September 7,Coordinating Team, Handbells and Geneva Choir

Sunday, September 10-RALLY DAY-Sunday School Classes Begin

Church Picnic after Worship on Church grounds

Wednesday, September 13-LOGOS and Fellowship Dinner

Session Meeting

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